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At British Textile, our order and fitting process is simple but we follow the most stringent set of procedures, truly reflecting the craftsmanship of our master Shanghainese tailors.

Choose your fabrics

During the first appointment, we will give you advice on choosing the most suitable fabrics. Then, it is to select the lining for the suit. Finally, if everything is to your satisfaction, we would request for the initial deposit payment and proceed for the next fitting session.

First fitting

When the “fitting mould” is made, we will arrange a time with you for your first fitting session! This fitting session will allow both you and our Tailor to make sure the suit is a perfect fit for you.

Second and final fitting

After this fitting session, we will begin to produce your bespoke suit! When the suit is done, we will arrange for the last/second fitting session with you. You should try out the suit properly as if you are wearing it normally and preform your usual body movements. This will make sure the suit looks prefect on you!