Cotton suit is another casual expression, which is appropriate for many kinds of occasions. A cotton suit can be broken up into separates easily, as it is not difficult to match with other fabrics. For example, a cotton suit with jeans, cotton suit trousers with a blazer.

Cotton is very popular in casual trousers and summer jackets.

Cotton fibre comes from ‘true’ cotton plants, shrubs that grow only in arid tropical and subtropical areas. The wild cotton plant can live up to ten years and grow up to ten metres in height, but when cultivated does not usually exceed two metres, in order to facilitate cotton picking. In bloom, it has large white flowers with five petals, which then transform into capsules with thick walls, containing seeds. These seeds are covered with white and silky fibres, measuring between two to five centimetres, which are then collected to produce cotton yarn.

Cotton, which is grown in around 130 countries, is one of the world’s biggest crops. The main producing countries are China, the US, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Brazil.