Merino Wool

It is a perfect fabric for making a durable suit. The longer the wool fiber, the higher the quality. Your suits sometimes maybe in danger of getting crumpled, still a high quality merino wool is able to help the garment to spring back into shape.

Merino wool produces fabric that can be worn next to the skin without discomfort. Extrafine Merino is a super premium wool used in the highest quality knits.

Unlike regular sheep in the lowlands, the merino is built to survive the scorching summers and freezing winters. The merino can survive these extremes because of the incredible natural engineering of their fleece. Super lightweight and breathable, the merino’s summer coat keeps cool in temperatures of up to +35°C. In winter, the merino grows an extra layer of wool over their base coat to protect them against temperatures that plummet to -20°C.

The merino sheep is raised in nearly every country worldwide. Today, Australia produces about 80% of the world’s merino wool.